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Your Winey Art Animal is your personal, limited Winey Art Club membership card. It is now available via the buttons below.
Friends & Family Mint started on Oct 5, 5:55pm ET and ended Oct 31st.

There are 5000 participation token available for 0.05 ETH.

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There are 555 admission token available for 0.13 ETH.

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Winey Art Club - Knowledge, Events and Your Own Wine

The Winey Art Club is your community where you become a valued member of our wine project. You produce your own quality wine with the help of our winemakers. You contribute to the decisions on vineyard management and winemaking, determine the resulting wine style and receive your personal bottle of wine with the exclusive WAC label.

You'll become an important part of our wine brand, participating in quality-critical steps in the vineyard such as pruning, experiencing the harvest with us, and attending exclusive wine and community events.

Become part of the Winey Art Club - a community of wine lovers, supported by the Winey Art Animals, funny characters from the wine world and ambassadors for quality in the vineyard.

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What Is Behind The Project?

Our adventure has already started. Our team will provide you with all the information needed to be part of the Winey Art Club. Glad to have you on board!

Winey Art Club Roadmap

Spring 2022


We are building a community around wine education, including a brief introduction to the NFT and crypto space, Ask-Me-Anythings, and sneak-a-peak on the art of our membership tokens.

Winter 2022


Gain insights into wine making and access exclusive events such as pruning workshops, tastings, wine fairs.
Join the kickoff of our Winey Art Awards, honoring thoughtful projects in wine making and viticulture.


coming soon

Gain access to exclusive rare wine events and enjoy the benefits of our cross-sector collaborations.
Third vintage of community wine making.

Summer 2022


Participation in the decision how our community wine is made. Launch of our membership card collection (as an NFT), and community voting on the winemaking.


coming soon

Benefit from our partnerships with brands and companies, take part in community decisions on the packaging of your wine.
Second vintage of community wine making.
Scholarships for wine students planned.

How Do You Do That?

The Winey Art Club is the first limited NFT collection to combine education with art and a community-made wine.

5555 limited edition UNIQUE membership cards are waiting for you to provide an incredible experience both in virtual and real life. The combination of exclusive events, community-made wine, and the ability to grow your network has never been more tangible.

As an active community member, you will benefit from videos and live sessions with the winemakers and wine experts regularly!

As a holder of one of our 5555 membership cards you will be able to vote on many decisions regarding the wine production process, from harvesting to bottling, through your unique avatar.

Do You Know What You’re Doing?


Winemakers with a track record of producing high-quality wine of different grape varieties are sharing their experience and knowledge.


Market experts and project managers dedicate their time to building the project and sharing knowledge regarding the wine and crypto business.


Marketers and social media fanatics are aware of all peer groups and tools to give you the best experience on every channel.


Fund and portfolio managers with experience in CeFi and DeFi will bring the maximum value for both the roadmap and the community.

Who’s Behind the Project?

Alexander Gottschalk

MANAGING DIRECTOR, brand manager and optimist


FINANCE, community manager and street art fan




development lead and window sill gardener


WINEMAKER AND FooD loving GOurmet


viticulturist and CREAtive Mind


creative mind


NFT artist and cheeky day dreamer





What if I Have Zero Idea About Wine or Crypto?

No worries - You don't have to!

We will help you enter the wine space totally easy answering all questions you might have. Our winemakers and wine aficionados will always be there for you.

Crypto is still new to most people and NFTs have just entered the mainstream area. Having some questions is totally fine! The most common ones are answered in our FAQs. In addition, you can ask us more questions via the contact form or in our AMA sessions.

We'll be hosting educational channels on Discord and YouTube about wine, the blockchain, crypto, and NFTs, showing you connections and differences to traditional finance.

And even if you still don't want to dive deeper in all that tech stuff you will definitely be able to join the Winey Art Club. We will provide you with a seamless entrance to our fabulous community!

So, Should I Buy Your Membership Card?

It would be great, but check out the roadmap first. Meanwhile, you can engage with the community and learn about crypto and wine without holding a membership card. However, decisions can only be made as a holder of one of our tokens.

If you still have questions on your mind or just want to get to know us, feel free to book an appointment with us anytime.

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What Options Do You Offer?

The Winey Art Club is a meaningful project of 5,555 unique membership cards decorated with one of our Winey Art Animals and living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your Winey Art Animal serves as your Winey Art Club membership card and grants access to wine education and members-only benefits, starting with the participation in the winemaking of our community wine. Future features will be unlocked according to the roadmap.

The participation token is verifiable for the participation in the community wine making in 2022, 2023 and 2024. It grants free access to wine education and workshops, as well as priority access to (special) events.
5000 available for 0.05 ETH.

The admission token is verifiable for the participation in the community wine making in 2022, 2023 and 2024, and one bottle of the resulting wine per year shipped to your home, starting with 2023. It grants free access to wine education, workshops, and free or priority access to (special) events.
555 available for 0.13 ETH.

What About My Remaining Questions?

Our FAQ is frequently updated with the main questions. Nevertheless, we love to answer all of them. Join our Discord or send us an email!

Is There Anything You Will Do for People Outside of the Community?

We would love to see you grow!

Winey Art Club Award - WACA

The Winey Art Club Award honors outstanding projects on climate change, sustainability, and viticultural research, e.g., fungus-resistant varieties.

A prize money will be donated to the WACA winner.

In addition to the WACA Science Award chosen by an international committee, there will also be a community award. You will be able to vote for your personal favorite!

Bursary Weinakademy / WSET

Some team members have gone through studies in viticulture or wine business. One of the biggest institutions worldwide is the WSET, in Austria represented by the Weinakademie Rust, where Austria’s first “Master of Wine” Josef Schuller and his team offer WSET courses and the Weinakademiker certification.

We will donate a certain amount to the Weinakademie bursary program.

Important Disclaimer for Crypto Newbies:
Keep Your Eyes Open

It's no secret: crypto is prone to scams. For your own safety, follow these rules to reduce the risk significantly:

  • Never share your secret passphrase or account password with anyone.
  • Only use our official links! They are pinned in our Discord channel.
  • Never execute any actions on received tokens you didn‘t expect.
  • Turn off direct messages after joining the discord server (only once needed).
  • If we ever contact you directly, we won‘t ask for your secret passphrase or need you to click on any link.
Stay always 100% sceptical until you are 100% sure!

Wen Lambo?

A community can be powerful, and we know what it can create. But, of course, you can use it as a speculative asset – this is your choice. The crypto space is still in its infancy and a lot of people try to rip-off others.

This is not what we put first! Instead, we reach out to a convicted and dedicated wine community wanting to create something different. We will donate the next decade to build up intellectual property on wine education and offer an easy entry to the wine and crypto space. Therefore, our characters will slip into the roles of storytellers, sensitizers, and friends.

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